Moodle importation files

Here you will find a resource bank of Moodle export files related to an online course that has been developed by the DIGIPASS consortium. You can download these files as a .zip, extract them, and then upload them into your own Learning Management System.

The DIGIPASS Handbook has specific instructions on how to do this.

Digipass is a consortium partnership project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

It is designed to improve the impact of exchange and other mobility experiences for students studying, interning, or learning abroad by providing a holistic approach to online mobility support.
Digipass is centred on a four-stage lifecycle, covering the entire mobility experience, which includes orientation, pre-departure, during and after mobility.

This lifecycle informs the modular training program that you are about to embark upon which has been designed around the experiences, challenges, skills and learnings you are likely to encounter or develop at each of these particular stages.

So whether you're thinking of going abroad or just want to know more, it will help you to get the most out of your time abroad and benefit from your experiences.

Each capsule includes key information such as the structure and learning outcomes an introduction video by the instructor where you will learn about its different sections, and a whole variety of exercises, resources, and informational spotlights to help you master its theme.

Many of these activities are interactive, and are completed within the training platform itself. Each capsule also contains activities that require you to research a particular subject or to reflect on an aspect of your experience and produce a personal response that captures your learning and growth.

There are many benefits to completing this course. It is focused on helping you to develop, recognise, and communicate the skills and experience you gain on mobility. These include transversal skills such as innovation and creativity, social and civic awareness, digital skills and media literacy.

The Digipass training programme consists of 12 capsules, 3 for each stage of the mobility lifecycle:


Helps you to decide if going abroad is the right choice for you and what type of experience best meets your needs.

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Prepares you to head off on your mobility equipped with everything you need to make a smooth transition to your host country and institution.

During Mobility

Guides through your time abroad to make it as successful as possible.

After Mobility

Teaches you how to apply your learning in a variety of settings as well as helping you readjust to your home life and culture once you return.

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