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Module 6 Cultural Shock

Now that you have selected your study abroad destination, you can fully focus your preparation. It might be fun to revisit some of the exercises in cultural awareness and do some of the more advanced exercises to expand your cultural knowledge of your study abroad destination. This course focuses on culture shock. Now, you might wonder if you will ever experience culture shock. You might have already traveled abroad on a holiday, or met people from another cultural background, and did not experience shock. Going abroad is a deliberate choice and you are feeling excited about your upcoming adventure.

  • Step 1: What is Culture Shock?.

  • Step 2: Why students experience it?.

  • Step 3: When are you dealing with CS? culture shock triggers.

  • Step 4: How to deal with CS? What to do when experiencing it?

  • Step 5: More information


  • Culture: The ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society

  • Culture Shock: A sense of anxiety, depression, or confusion that results from being in an unfamiliar culture or environment when living in a foreign country or society

  • Empathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings of another person


Module 6 Cultural Shock

  • SECTION 1 - What is Culture Shock?
  • This section will help you to identify the phases of Culture Shock using a video to explain the ‘V-curve’.

  • SECTION 2 - Why do students experience it?
  • This section will help you to understand why people can experience culture shock. This is partly due to how we understand groups of other people. When making observations about groups of people it is important to understand the difference between generalisation, stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination. types while you are abroad: dorms versus apartment, living with friends versus living with locals etc…
  • SECTION 3 - Culture Shock Triggers
  • Chances are that you have selected a destination that is culturally different from your own background. This can lead to some (typically normal) social behaviour inducing culture shock.
  • SECTION 4 - How to deal with Culture Shock
  • What can help you to overcome Culture Shock?
  • SECTION 6 - More information
  • If you are curious about the concept of culture shock, in this section you will find more links and references.