Welcome to the DIGIPASS Staff Toolkit - Culture

In this section you will find a resource bank to help support all staff members working in study abroad and student mobility who want to support their students develop intercultural competences when they embark on study mobility programme.

Best practices

Each expert will present an innovative project introducing you to complementary and creative mechanisms of support for students before, during and after the mobility experience.

Check out the video where these experts share their best practices on the topic of student mobility.

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How to...

Please use the following resources to help yourself analyse a potential intercultural conflict, measure intercultural competence and learn how to run a study abroad preparatory workshop.


To support your students in developing intercultural competences, you could ask your students to reflect on their skills before, during and after the study abroad experienced using the following checklist.

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This is a creative cultural toolkit with various activities that wrap around international experiences.

Its purpose is for students to explore, reflect, engage and share culture during different stages of their mobility life cycle.

The Third Space process includes workshops and a toolkit of activities.

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Studying abroad in a new cultural environment can be challenging for students.

On the next page you can find the most frequently asked questions from students about all the cultural aspects of study abroad, and learn how most study abroad advisors would answer these questions.

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