Moodle importation files - After Mobility: Module 10 - Launching your career

Module 10 Launching your career

This capsule will help you boost your employability by applying the learning and skills you gained from your mobility experience to your future career. You will be prompted to assess the soft skills and behaviours you acquire while on mobility, and learn how to articulate these in a job application or interview. Reflecting on these aspects of your mobility will also assist you with your career planning. For example, you may see that working in more than one language is very rewarding for you.

  • Step 1: Introduction

  • Step 2: Preparing for Your Career.

  • Step 3: Student Testimonials.

  • Step 4: Resources


  • Soft Skills: Personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.

  • Career: An occupation or profession that someone spends their working life developing and advancing.


Module 10 Launching your career

  • SECTION 1 - Preparing for your career
  • This section will help you to prepare for your career by working with your institution's career guidance service. They can assist you to articulate and communicate your skills and experiences, but you must first reflect on them yourself.

  • SECTION 2 - Student Testimonials
  • By now you have consulted with your careers advisor on how to relate your mobility experience to your employability. You have probably also compared your ideas with other students who were on your program or are in your class. However, it is always a good idea to learn some different perspectives and ways of thinking. Listening to students from different backgrounds can help you to explain your own skills and learning in new ways. They may also give you some interesting ideas on how to think about your own career development. Watch the videos below and reflect on how you articulate your skillset.
  • SECTION 5 - Resources
  • Here are some additional resources to help you articulate your learning, skills and development. They have been designed especially for students thinking about how to launch their career. You may find them very helpful! We suggest you first complete the 'Reflective Thinking' capsule and its final exercise which asks you to perform a personal reflection on your mobility experience. Completing that exercise first will help you to get the most out of the resources below.

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