Moodle importation files - After Mobility: Module 11 - Ambassadorship

Module 11 Ambassadorship

This capsule is aimed to help students to learn how to share their study abroad experience by creating presentation or testimonial video.

  • Step 1: Introduction

  • Step 2:Testimonials, how important they are

  • Step 3:Samples of testimonial, blogs and other sources made by former mobility students

  • Step 4:How to make a good presentation

  • Step 5:How to make a video

  • Step 6:Mentoring programmes

  • Step 7:Quizz for self evaluation: reflecting about your experience


  • ESN: The Erasmus Student Network is a student society composed by formed by former Erasmus students.

  • Mentoring Programmes: Newly arrived international students are paired with local students who act as their mentors and assist the newcomers while they adjust to their new surroundings.

  • Ambassador: A student who has enjoyed a study abroad period and disseminate his/her experience with others who have not gone yet.

  • Rehearsal:The practise you do before your final presentation

  • Testimonial:A written or spoken statement in which you talk about your experience abroad


Module 11 Ambassadorship

  • SECTION 1 - How to craft the perfect testimonial
  • The objective of this section is to guide students through the key points of their mobility which could be included in a testimonial. It will take only about 30 minutes to complete. After completing this content you will be equipped to reflect on the key points that should be included in a testimony and you will feel more self-confident about telling your story. Review the advice below and listen to former students share their experiences then proceed to create your own testimonial in the format you prefer.
    • SECTION 2 - Example testimonials, blogs, and other sources by former mobility students
    • In this section, you will see some samples of ambassadorial testimonials from former mobility students which can inspire you to share your experience with others.
    • SECTION 3 - How to craft the perfect presentation
    • This section will prepare students to make a successful presentation. It will take around 10 minutes to complete. You will then know the key features of what makes a good presentation and be ready to write a script for your own presentation.
    • SECTION 4 -How to shoot the perfect video
    • Watch the videos made by some former mobility students who wanted to share their experience with others. Now, create your own ambassadorial testimonial (either a written piece, or as a video) and share it with your friends and potential mobility students to get feedback.
    • SECTION 5 - Mentoring Programmes
    • The objective of this section is to inform students about mentoring programmes and encourage them to take part. It will take about 10 minutes to complete. You will learn how to use your own mobility experience to help new incoming students arriving to your home University.
    • SECTION 6 -Looking back
    • Before you begin work on your testimonial, we'd like to suggest a few steps to help you in creating your masterpiece!