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Module 1 Going abroad

There are many considerations to take into account when trying to decide the best study abroad destination for you. These include financial, social, and academic issues that you may not think of straight away. This capsule will provide advice and practical tips to help you make your decision by reflecting on your needs and what your preferred destination can offer you.

  • Step 1: Researching the cost of living in a partner country

  • Step 2: Connect your needs with the relevant services

  • Step 3: How much do you know about academic issues

  • Step 4: Explore informal tools to collect valuable information

  • Step 5: Make a decision table considering the pros and cons of mobility


  • Budget Calculator: A tool to estimate your future income and expenses when abroad

  • Utilities: Domestic services such as electricity, gas, internet.

  • Learning Agreement: A plan that details what courses or research/training/teaching activities you intend to achieve during your mobility. The Learning Agreement should be signed by the responsible authority in your home and host institutions, as well as the student before the mobility begins.

  • Fee Waiver: Under a bilateral agreement between your home and host insitution you do not need to pay the tuition fee at your host. Usually you only pay the tuition fee at your home university.

  • Mobility Window: A period of time reserved for international student mobiliity that is embedded into the curriculum of a study programme.

  • Soft Skills: Non-technical skills that relate to how you work. They include how you interact with colleagues, solve problems, and manage your time.


Module 1:Going abroad

  • SECTION 1 - Introduction and Topic

  • Awareness of cost of living in a partner countryAwareness of cost of living in a partner country
  • The objective of this section is to reflect on the expenses you will incur while living abroad.

  • SECTION 2 -How to access student service
  • The main objective of this section is to help you reflect on your possible needs when abroad and where you can find help to solve them.
  • SECTION 3 -Academic issues
  • The purpose of this section is to prepare you for gathering information on academic courses that you will need when completing your learning agreement.
  • SECTION 4 -Informal Tools to collect valuable information
  • The purpose of this section is to help you seek out valuable information and insight outside of official sources. This includes things like the testimonials of former mobility students, likely sources of information on social media etc…
  • SECTION 5 - Making your decision: the pros and cons
  • Now that you have researched your options and reflected on what you hope to get from a mobility experience, this exercise will help you to visualise your future as an exchange student and make an informed decision.

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