Video 1- Anna and Lindsay interview (Western University - Canada) 

1.28-5.13How she supports her students
5.13-7.45Do you meet with students multiple times/teaching tools
7.45-11.20Student support/ what students need
11.20-15.0Destigmatizing challenges/mental health/finding the correct support
15.0-18.00Change of academic counselors 
18.00-19.30Change of expectations
19.3-24.00Challenges (planning with buffers)-> rise of procrastination
24.00-27.30Relevance/ university offering autonomy/ leaning to set up scaffolding to cope
27.30-30.50Impact of COVID-19 on stress and productivity and balancing the two
30.50-35.00What students need/ask for in the pandemic
37.00-38.45Her inspiration

Video 2- Anna and University of Amsterdam Interview (Netherlands)

1.55-5.42Trends and topics (Me Too movement, sexual harassment, BLM)
5.42-7.50Honesty and openness
7.50-10.15Breaking the stigma of cultural differences/ the impact of these, diversity, mental health -- inclusion
10.15-14.30Connection/collaboration between the two offices
14.30-17.57Changes with the pandemic – working from home, collaboration difficulties 
17.57-21.18How support has changed
21.18-31.00Challenges of online, dealing with prolonged lockdown, building resilience
31.00-31.50Support and understanding of different coping strategies
31.50-36.40Further discussion of COVID-19 
36.40-45.00Knock-on effect in future years// change of work

Video 3- Chelsea and University of Edinburgh Student (Lily) interview (Scotland)

1.00-2.40Importance of health and wellbeing
2.40-4.00Challenges//problems encountered—importance of making friends
4.30—6.00Weather (bush fires)
6.00-7.40What helped with well-being – joining societies
7.40-endFinal tips