Welcome to DIGIPASS

DIGIPASS is a multi-university partnership project designed to improve the impact of mobility experiences for students by providing a holistic approach to online mobility support.

The project will develop a unique online student training programme, incorporating a range of ICT tools and open educational resources, which will support students during each stage of the mobility life cycle (orientation, pre-departure, during and after mobility). In addition, a staff toolkit and a webinar series will be developed, which will support both academic and administrative staff who are working in the area of mobility.

On completion,the consortium will produce a handbook and framework for policymakers, whichcontains a compilation of the training programme and the research findings andrecommendations.

Meet the DIGIPASS Team

The DIGIPASS partnership comprises of six institutions, who are committed to enhancing and developing tools and training programmes to support student mobility.

  • The University of Edinburgh
  • University of Amsterdam
  • The University of Pavia
  • By harnessing both student and staffexpertise, the consortium will develop a unique online platform to provideholistic support for mobility.