1. Be aware and keep up-to-date about living costs of going/living abroad, be prepared to provide mobile participants with tips to save money and to organise to face expenses (budget calculator)
  1. Be aware and keep up-to-date about international mobility economical support’ call for applications at EU and national level and share it with relevant depts. Diversify your source of funding among different donors
  1. Define a clear and transparent actions for allocation of the financial resources and scholarship opportunities: diversity in term of:

    a.Type of activities

    b.Geographical balance

    c.Academic programme structure

  1. Define clear actions with your financial/aid offices for getting them know about international mobility scholarship rules. Prepare a yearly calendar to be shared internally among all departments responsible for international mobility and to mobile candidates
  1. Provide clear and transparent guidelines related to financial aid and scholarships: don’t forget to take into consideration social inclusion criterias when you are activate international mobility opportunities
  1. Take into account socio-economic situation of the host country/ies where the students may be placed in order to calculate a balances scholarships ranges
  1. Make sure that the students are correctly informed that usually scholarships do not cover all the costs they may face during their period abroad (What are costs like in general compared to home country? How much are you likely to need to spend on rent, food and other essentials? How might I need to adapt my lifestyle to fit my budget in this country (visas, insurance, vaccinations and administrative fees)?
  1. Make available funds for cover emergencies and unexpected expenses that students may face during their mobility period
  1. Make available part-time jobs at the university in order to support your incoming students and prepare a guide how to get student’s discounts
  1. Be updated on possible loans the students may get access to finance their mobility period.