1. Plan and schedule cycles of presentations for selected groups: Freshman students, academic staff, administrative staff.
  1. Create a profile/page on Facebook/Instagram and plan to post at least twice weekly with news related to internationalization.
  1. Create a hashtag for your social networks and ask students to tag their pictures with your hashtag.
  1. Create a telegram channel or group for selected students/staff for mobility to announce news and tips about their destination.
  1. Contact students who have been abroad in order to help spread the word.
  1. Recruit former mobility students to become mentors for the new incoming students.
  1. Organise a world café with former students, current incoming students and potential new outgoing students to exchange experiences and information.
  1. Ask academic staff to encourage going abroad during their lectures.
  1. Prepare material to go on students newsletter.
  1. Prepare press releases about events, call for applicants or important selection procedures for newspaper.