1. 1. How important is marketing for internationalization/mobility programs?
    Marketing and communication helps to promote international programs for students and scholars. It will help students to understand the advantages and nuances of international mobility.
  1. What are the benefits of marketing it continuously?
    It will help freshman students and younger students to understand the possibilities that the university offers of going abroad. An additional help can be from the students who have already been abroad. The word-of-mouth can be an additional help to your marketing.
  1. 3. Should I use social media? If yes, which ones?
    Social media is the new reality of marketing and promoting anything. Check which are the most used social media in your country. Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? Remember to add, tag, ask key-persons to mention and tag you. Spread the word.
  1. What can be other means of marketing exchange programs?
    You should also use traditional methods. Try scheduling presentations for students and academic staff members so they can encourage their students. Also, including “teasers” in students' newspapers is a way of getting people to know about it.
  1. 5. Can I do marketing among academic/administrative staff?
    Yes, and you should! Having scholars, professors telling about the importance of internationalization, either for didactic purposes or research will be well received by the students. Administrative staff also can help you by spreading the possibilities of your institution.
  1. How can I maintain the marketing campaign?
    Organize meetings at the beginning of every academic year for students, so they get to know the possibilities. Encourage them to follow your social media. Keep posting in your profile/page often. Not only “going abroad” options, but any subject somewhat related to internationalization. It will help keep your page “busy” and “trending”.
  1. 7. How should the marketing message be?
    Keep it simple and accessible. First you want to engage the community, then the students will search for further information either going to the International Relations Office (or equivalent) or to the professors.
  1. How helpful is it to have former exchange students/professors engaged in the marketing?
    Asking people who have been abroad in an exchange program is extremely helpful. There is nothing better than to have someone who has lived it to share his/her experience. Professors are also a very good way of getting to the student, since they will have “an authority” saying that it is worth going abroad.
  1. 9. Can I have some extra traditional creative marketing ideas to boost my study abroad?
    Of course you can! For example, you could host a Q&A panel of past study abroad participants and international students from the host country if possible, you could set up an informational table next to the cafeteria during lunch hours (make sure to check with your school about rules regarding this) or you can get an interview on campus radio.
  1. What about Social Media? What can I use apart from the most popular ones?
    Don´t forget that social media is your hook! Except for the popular Instagram , Facebook , Twitter, you could use blogs: a lot of students already blog their experiences abroad so utilize their content! Or you could use influencers- this trending marketing concept can sound intimidating, but establishing relationships with micro-influencers can be simple and incredibly rewarding.