Interview with experts and staff members who have been abroad covering general problems faced during mobility.

Interview Video Summary

 Professor Stefano Govoni, Teacher at the University of Pavia, Guido de Wilde, at the University of Amsterdam and Agata Wądolna, at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow

3:22-8:46 Why do you think that it is important for students to go mobile?
8:47 - 16:41 What kind of problems students face when they go mobile?
16:42 - 25:09 Role of the mobility office in helping students facing problems?
25:10 - 31:33 Involving students in activities of Mobility offices - University of Amsterdam
31:34 - 38:14 Coping with crisis, crisis management at universities.
38:15 - 41:00 Virtual Mobility
41:01 - 44:56 Provide one suggestion to students who want to go mobile.
44:57 - 45:40 Greetings